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About Us

We specialise in Autopot™ systems: a plant driven feeding and watering system invented by Jim Fah.

GardenSmart, established in 1990, have been providers for innovative gardening solutions for Australians and the world, primarily with Autopot systems invented right here in Melbourne!
Our Braeside location is a place where you can discover Autopot systems to see how they can benefit your garden. Unlike, your standard hardware/garden type store, we provide all your requirements by bringing everything to you with individualised service. Not only do we specialise in Autopot systems, we have a huge range of general hydroponic supplies also.

If you plan to visit us, browse through this website to see what interests you, and certainly get in contact if you can’t find what you need. Once you’ve listed your requirements, you can easily pay online for Click & Collect or arrange to have your order shipped.

At our GardenWorld location, you can see Autopot systems in action as we grow a huge variety of plants in different modules and locations to get you inspired for what you can achieve with plant driven watering systems!

GardenSmart trading hours

Monday to Thursday: 9am – 5pm
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How an Autopot system can benefit you.

For hobby growers:

  • Control of over watering and under watering.
  • A solution to the time problem. Especially in summer when many plants need water two or more times a day to give the best results.
  • The ability to take a vacation. Every Autopot System is designed to give a long period of watering and even the systems with relatively small storage tanks can be switched over to larger tanks for the period that you are away.
  • Avoidance of the drip problem. Particularly with hanging baskets used indoors, excess watering can be a problem. With Autopot Systems, there is no run off, hence you are able to put one pot plant below another.

For commercial growers:

  • Water conservation. The cost of purification or supply of good quality water is one that continually increases, Autopot systems are extremely water efficient as the plants only take what they need.
  • Avoidance of costs associated with nutrient recycling. Particularly where legal or financial constraints dictate the elimination of pollution by run off or the cost of water supply is high, the AutoPot Systems excel. No capital cost for pumps, ponds, disposal and treatment. No running costs in fuel or power for pumping.
  • Avoiding overhead watering problems. Plants that need sub-irrigating to avoid damage to flower or foliage love the Autopot System.
  • For more detail information of all AutoPot products, visit the official AutoPot page at AutoPot.
  • Check us on on faceboook to see what’s been happening in the world of Autopot.