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Single Float

The AutoPotâ„¢ Single Float is designed to keep a set water level for your ponds, tanks, fountains, nutrient tank etc...Just place the unit on the base of whatever you want to fill, and adjust the string float up to the water level you desire!.

Just place the AutoPot Single Float in to your contained vessel and adjust the pinch lock for the float up the length of the string for your desired water level. No need to fix a float to a solid surface like a conventional float valve, just simply drop the weighted AutoPot Single Float in your container and it will fill and keep your water level topped up - great for ponds where evaporation is an issue or even a wicking bed to keep the base reservoir from drying up.

Can be connected to any low pressure supply (up to 10psi). For mains connection, a pressure regulator and timer is required. Please do contact us for any further information