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Smart Dripper

The AutoPot™ Smart-Dripper is the ideal solution for delivering nutrient solution to larger plants in the ground or in a large planter. If you need to feed and water a plant bigger than what can be grown in the Hydrotray Single 12″ module, or if you want to create a zone of moisture in the ground then watering from the top using the Smart-Dripper is for you. The Smart-Dripper contains the Smart-valve within its own reservoir below the cover, from which a wick draws the nutrient solution from the reservoir to drip in to the medium.

The advantages of the AutoPot™ Smart-Dripper are:
  • Low pressure – The Smart-Dripper can operate on very low working pressure of less than 1 psi up to a maximum of 10 psi. This means that you can have the system fed off a tank by gravity.
  • Less blockages – it is far less likely to block compared to conventional drippers. This is due to the narrowest point in the system being the the Smart-valve’s inlet – measuring 2mm in diameter compared to the very small orifice required to reduce the drip rate for a conventional dripper.
  • Uniform output – the drip rate is very uniform. Unlike conventional drippers, the output of the Smart-Dripper is not affected by distances in the lengths of tubing, differing water pressure or varying terrain.
  • Low drip rate – drip rate can be adjusted to as low as 2 litres in 24 hours of continuous dripping.