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Smart Pump Set and accessories

A Plant Driven Pumping System This unique pump set was developed specifically for the AutoPot System. This pumping system does not require much energy to operate. It works only when there is a need to refill anyone of the AutoPot units as demanded by the plant. Usually only one or two AutoPot units require watering at any one time. Hence, the pump is not made to work unnecessarily.

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    Pressure pump

    12V Diaphragm pressure pump as used in the Smart Pump Set. Pressurises main line to 15psi allowing 1000 plants to be watered over a kilometre of tubing up to 30ft high!* Note - requires the damper to function correctly.

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    Smart Pump Set

    A Plant Driven Pumping System. This unique pump set was developed specifically for the Autopot System. How the Autopot Smart Pump Set works: 1. Water supply – The reservoir is filled with water from an external water supply and its level is...

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    13mm x 25m poly tube

    Recommended for Autopot Smart Pump SetPoly tube is used for irrigation applications ranging from watering your garden bed to having a full-scale watering system which includes all areas of the garden. Use poly tube when setting up spray systems, drip...

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    Sea Hawk

    Time-R Digital Timer

    Time-R Digital Timer- 15 programming windows- recycle function- combined recycle function within defined windows- can go down to secondsTIME-R Digital Timer - an all new concept for the hydroponics industry.The Timer-R digital timer has a large easy to...

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    Pressure gauge 0-30psi

    A useful accessory when using the pump set or a pressurised system - good for checking the pump's operation and cut-off pressure.Includes adaptor and 4mm tubing to install to the main feed line.

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