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How To Get Started?

There is an AutoPot™ growing solution to suit everyone from the novice through to large commercial users. Most first time users start off with a gravity fed system due to the simplicity of only having to position a supply tank higher than the growing module. Once the collection of AutoPot™ growing modules have expanded beyond 20 or so units, consideration for the pump fed methods becomes more practical to reduce the frequency of having to top up a gravity tank. Having said that, it does not mean feeding large number of plants by gravity is no longer a viable option.

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    8 Pot Kit

    Ideal for starting off with 8 growing points or as an expansion for your existing system. Includes tank, tubing and fittings to connect 4 x Hydrotray Double 10" modules.Great for beginners new to the AutoPot System who wants to start with a larger system...

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    Hydropak Starter Kit

    IDEAL FOR BEGINNERS!The Hydropak is ideal for tomato, capsicums, eggplants, cucumbers, and a wider variety of plants. It's amazing the variety and size of plants that can be grown from a 10” pot. Commercial AutoPot™ users grew thousands of tomato plants...

  • image_2629 Hydrotray Single - 4 Pot Kit


    Hydrotray Single - 4 Pot Kit

    An AutoPot System with 4 x Hydrotray Single 12" modules - the pot volume is 3 times bigger than the Hydrotray Double 10" module.- Just add your plants, growing medium and nutrients.- Larger pot volume to allow for bigger varieties and wider spacing.-...

  • image_2651 Intermediate 20 Pot Kit


    Intermediate 20 Pot Kit

    The Intermediate Kit allows you to grow to 20 growing points using the versatile Hydrotray Double 10" modules. Tubing and fittings are included for connecting up to your preferred water source (200L gravity tank or AutoPot™ Smart Pump Set recommended)...

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    Window Box Kit

    AutoPot's Window boxes makes a carefree, practical and functional herb garden for homes.Simple to use:-Plant the seedlings into the small 6-inch pots with normal potting mix or perlite/vermiculite mix.Simply drop the pots into the slots.Fill up the...

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