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CapPlus Tray

The Autopot™ CapPlus tray takes capillary watering to the versatility of a larger growing area.
WHAT IS CAPILLARY WATERING? It's the watering of potted plants from underneath using the wicking action from the capillary matting travelling up the growing media where the plants can draw its water requirements. All you need to do is place the potted plants, cubes, trays or anything with holes at its base on the capillary matting – so long as the media is contacting the matting, the wicking action will keep your plants watered.

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  • Autopot Paddy Tray Autopot Paddy Tray Autopot Paddy Tray


    Autopot Paddy Tray

    The Autopot Paddy Tray is a versatile growing tray that can accommodate either pots or bags with the ability for the wet-dry cycle allowing watering using the same Smart-valve present in all Autopot modules. The Smart-valve (housed in a box) can be...

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    Growth Technology

    GT Clonex Clone Solution 500ml

    For use on stem cuttingsSpecifically formulated for fast, healthy and vigorous root growth and developmentUnrivalled results when used in conjunction with Clonex Rooting Hormone Gel.

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    Growth Technology

    GT Clonex Gel 50ml

    CLONEX ROOTING HORMONE GEL – PURPLE The world’s first and leading propagating gel For the propagation of stem cuttings A unique blend of IBA, anti-microbial agents, vitamins and minerals

  • image_2337 CapPlus Tray CapPlus Tray CapPlus Tray CapPlus Tray


    CapPlus Tray

    The Autopot™ CapPlus tray takes capillary watering to the versatility of a larger growing area. Measurements : 101 x 65.5 x 10cm high Includes : Tray, Smart-valve, Smart-valve box, capillary matting, surface matWHAT IS CAPILLARY WATERING?It's the...

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    Heating Cord - 9M

    URS Ultimate Heating Cord 9m - 80w This is the break-through in heating that we have all been waiting for at a very reasonable price. These heating cords are ideal for use in your incubators; no more changing blown globes all the time! They are also a...

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    HOT/COLD Thermal Controller

    Used to control the operation of a heating device (e.g. the heat cord in the heated CapPlus tray or a heat mat etc..). Set the desired temperature (measured at the probe) - if the temperature drops below set point, then the heater is triggered.Can also...

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    Capillary Mat

    Capillary Mat for CapPlus table. Cut specifically to size to fit the CapPlus table.

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